FAQ | Can I wash them?

“Are these the jeans you can’t wash?” is a common question that we are asked at Olé. To be fair, over ten years ago I was also washing my pairs only once a year due to what I was reading on the internet. But things changed as I got older, educated myself and started to care more about my hygiene and the hard-earned dollars that we were putting into quality products. We feel that raw fabric is an awesome partner to help document one’s life and you also get to reap the benefits of nice fading and denim evolution. That’s why we believe it’s important to take care of your jeans to allow for them to last longer.

When it comes to denim care, we are happy to say treat them however you’d like but do offer a few recommendations that we practice. Not washing your jeans can lead to a couple of different outcomes, one being early fabric tears and the other being a lack of second dates. If the jeans have been spilled on, smell funky or haven’t seen laundry detergent in a while, give them a wash. Washing your pair of 306’s will clean the dirt and bacteria that the jeans have acquired that can over time break down the cotton fibres leading to quicker tears, more repairs and eventually unwearable.

Our recommended washing care:

When washing the jeans we skip past the ocean washes and recommend something simple. Fill a tub or container with cold water and use detergent (Ex. Woolite Dark) to hand wash your Olé Denim to remove stains and odor. Let them soak in that tub for a half hour to 45 minutes before draining the tub. When you are finished washing them,  refill the tub/container with cold water. Flip your jeans inside out and let them soak for another 15 to 20 minutes. After the soaking process, let the jeans hang dry.

Whether you’re staying raw forever or washing every couple of months, we hope you’re enjoy your pair of Olé Denim!

FAQ | How should my first pair of raw denim fit?

Over the past couple of months we’ve been asked by our followers, “how should my first pair of raw denim fit?” In the simplest answer possible, they should feel comfortably snug when you’re trying them on for the first time. Our jeans are sanforized meaning that they will have minimal shrinkage after their first wash, you can expect for them to shrink about 1 – 3%. We suggest going with your true waist size and ensuring that you can do up your button fly without making it hard for you to breathe once they’re done up or too loose where you’re having to rely on a belt (they will stretch with regular wear). Once you’ve got that down, examine the thighs. The thighs aren’t going to give too much, so be certain that you’ll be able to do your regular routine in these bad boys whether it’s cycling, skateboarding, walking up the stairs or dancing at the club. Lastly, the jeans likely will be too long for you but we do this purposely. This gives you the opportunity to make these jeans look the way you want for them to with the option of stacking, cuffing, hemming or tapering. We often recommend trying them in a store but if you’re from far and wide, use our size chart and take advantage of our free shipping in North America.


As a suggestion, we recommend our 306 13oz denim for those of you who are new to raw denim. This is a favourite among our fabrics for new customers diving into the raw denim world because of their mid-weight fabric. The fabric has a consistent feel unlike our 15oz Kuroki slub fabric that makes them comfortable from their first wear and even more comfortable with time. The denim evolution is impressive with regular wear and care, both vintage and high contrast fades can be achieved with the rope-dyed fabric.

The 365 Project | The Denim Hound


We are thrilled to announce the start of our 365 Project with The Denim Hound.

The Denim Hound  is an online resource comprised of well written, thorough reviews meshed with illuminating photography and has become a go to resource for both the experienced denim head and first time raw denim buyers alike. The site serves as a shopping companion through the sometimes complex world of raw denim.

Calling Los Angeles home The Denim Hound is right smack dab in a little denim paradise and just a few short minutes from our Los Angeles factory.
And over the course of the next 365 days The Denim Hound will put Ole Denim’s 15oz 306 through the motions and document his experience on TheDenimHound.com and OleDenim.com. You can read his initial review of our 15oz 306 here.

Stay tuned for more from the Denim Hound.