FAQ | How should my first pair of raw denim fit?

Over the past couple of months we’ve been asked by our followers, “how should my first pair of raw denim fit?” In the simplest answer possible, they should feel comfortably snug when you’re trying them on for the first time. Our jeans are sanforized meaning that they will have minimal shrinkage after their first wash, you can expect for them to shrink about 1 – 3%. We suggest going with your true waist size and ensuring that you can do up your button fly without making it hard for you to breathe once they’re done up or too loose where you’re having to rely on a belt (they will stretch with regular wear). Once you’ve got that down, examine the thighs. The thighs aren’t going to give too much, so be certain that you’ll be able to do your regular routine in these bad boys whether it’s cycling, skateboarding, walking up the stairs or dancing at the club. Lastly, the jeans likely will be too long for you but we do this purposely. This gives you the opportunity to make these jeans look the way you want for them to with the option of stacking, cuffing, hemming or tapering. We often recommend trying them in a store but if you’re from far and wide, use our size chart and take advantage of our free shipping in North America.


As a suggestion, we recommend our 306 13oz denim for those of you who are new to raw denim. This is a favourite among our fabrics for new customers diving into the raw denim world because of their mid-weight fabric. The fabric has a consistent feel unlike our 15oz Kuroki slub fabric that makes them comfortable from their first wear and even more comfortable with time. The denim evolution is impressive with regular wear and care, both vintage and high contrast fades can be achieved with the rope-dyed fabric.