The 365 Project | The Denim Hound


We are thrilled to announce the start of our 365 Project with The Denim Hound.

The Denim Hound  is an online resource comprised of well written, thorough reviews meshed with illuminating photography and has become a go to resource for both the experienced denim head and first time raw denim buyers alike. The site serves as a shopping companion through the sometimes complex world of raw denim.

Calling Los Angeles home The Denim Hound is right smack dab in a little denim paradise and just a few short minutes from our Los Angeles factory.
And over the course of the next 365 days The Denim Hound will put Ole Denim’s 15oz 306 through the motions and document his experience on and You can read his initial review of our 15oz 306 here.

Stay tuned for more from the Denim Hound.