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5 things I never leave home without

1. My phone.
2 Sweettrade key hook.
3. wallet (right now I’m rotating through: Albatross Brand, Voyej, and a denim Momotaro wallet).
4. My YSL prescription sunglasses.
5. Feeding my bunny Harvey.

Must visit spots in Los Angeles

General Quarter – Blair and the rest of the crew over there are genuinely cool people, and the store smells amazing.
Self Edge, they have denim in the shop you can’t see anywhere else in LA, like Sugarcane and The Strike Gold.
Bar Keeper in Silverlake, they have the coolest stuff for your bar.

5 favourite films

I am a huge film geek so this is tough, but just to name the first 5 that come to mind
The Master
There Will Be Blood
Buffalo 66
The Royal Tenenbaums
It Follows

5 of the best pairs of denim I’ve owned to date

Oni – Secret Denim
Tanuki ID x ID
Okayama Denim x Japan Blue Sapphire Slub, Oni – 517xx.

5 people (dead or alive) I would love to have lunch with

Philip Seymore Hoffman
Hunter Thompson
Daniel Day Lewis
My Grandmother Kei.

Check in next week as Denim Hound breaks down buying your first pair of Selvedge Denim.

Get To Know The Denim Hound

get to know

Chances are you have seen our 365 project with the Denim Hound.

However there might be a chance you don’t know much about the man behind the project. We caught up with The Denim Hound to chat denim education, his first pair of raw denim and the concept behind the site.

Tell us about yourself.

Besides being obsessed with denim I am an Actor living in Hollywood with my girlfriend Megan and my bunny Harvey Goldwater III.

The Denim Hound first and foremost seems to be a place of education. What inspired this?

I want TheDenimHound.com to be a valuable resource for people on the hunt for raw denim. I noticed whenever I would be researching a pair of denim that I was interested in I would spend hours getting little bits of info from forums and other blogs. You get a cell phone pic on instagram or sizing info from an online shop that differers from the measurements on two other sites. I wanted to make a blog that had comprehensive and detailed reviews that would be the next best thing to actually having the denim in your hands. I try to include every little detail I can find and take pictures that truly represent the denim. Not only do I want to share the information, I want the reader to feel the excitement and love that I have for denim.

Do you remember your first pair of raw denim? What were they?

My first pair raw denim was about 2006. I have a friend who skateboarded for a company called Altamont. He gave me a pair of jeans that were a limited edition run of purple ID selvedge. I knew about selvedge but not much about Japanese denim. I noticed a tag inside that said the denim was narrow loom and made in Okayama, Japan. I googled Okayama denim but not much info came up. That is when the hunt began.

What was it that first sparked your interest for both denim and fashion?

My love of denim began in the 80’s. I met a kid in elementary school who always wore a black t-shirt, slim dark indigo Levis, black and white Converse All Star’s and a digital watch. It was the first time I’ve ever seen a kid wear a watch …it was the first time I saw a pair of Levis. He always had his walkman on and never talked to anyone. He was the coolest kid I’d ever seen.

You seem like a very fashionable and well put together bloke. What do you like to pair your jeans with?

Well thank you. I think my sense of style is influenced by my days of making music and living in LA, also the 60’s and 70’s and late 1800’s. I know the raw denim community leans heavily toward the outdoor / workwear vibe but I like to try and take the look into the city, mix it up with a bit of something unexpected. Sometimes I just like to wear my jeans with chucks and a tee, depends on the day lol.

Why should people care about their raw/selvedge denim and the denim experience?

To me, the quality of the things I spend my time and money on is very important. I don’t mind spending a lot on something if it is worth it. I take good care of my things and they become even more valuable to me over time. I think denim can be a perfect example of this process.

We have to ask you how you came across Olé for the first time and what had drawn you to our 306 jeans?

I first came across Olé on Instagram. I liked the simple design of the jeans and the few details used were directed at prolonging the longevity of the jeans. I also liked how there was only one model. I knew all of your work and focus went all to this one pair and you stood behind it 100%.

You can check out his review and the on-going project here.