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  • February 12, 2016
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Name: Joseph Visser

Occupation: Photographer (www.josephvisser.ca), Musician

Model and fabric: 13oz raw indigo sanforized selvedge 306

Wears: 6 months, washed once. Unfortunately most of that time was spent behind a desk.

Washes/Soaks: 0 washes/0 soaks

Washing rituals and methods: Nothing fancy, I wash cold in the machine and then hang to dry.

Fond memory in this pair: My first three weeks with this pair was spent travelling through Canada and the states on a west coast road trip with my girlfriend last summer. If you’re ever wondering how to break in a pair of new denim, I found a road trip did the trick. Exploring ruby beach in Washington state was a highlight for sure.

Favourite Canadian team: Gotta be the Winnipeg Jets.

One website you visit daily: Vice.

Social media handle: Instagram @josephvisser and @fromhereandaway.

What’s next for you: Lots of travel planned. Belize first, then an eastern Canadian tour after that, then back to Toronto, then off to Holland.

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