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  • December 2, 2015
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Being a brand that calls both Saskatoon and Winnipeg home means we rarely get a chance to get the whole squad together for our pop-up events. With the involvement in the shop at 255 Vaughan in Winnipeg it seemed like a good excuse to get the crew from Saskatoon to come out to Winnipeg for the weekend to celebrate the brand and meet some of the people who have been supporting the brand over the course of this first year and those curious as to what Olé Denim is all about.

Rather than do a traditional pop-up shop we decided we would rather like to meetthe many creative people in the city that we have read about and follow on Instagram. So this coming Saturday the whole Olé Denim crew will be hanging at 255 Vaughan with hopes of just that. Whether you are interested in denim, want to take in the From Here and Away Gallery, involved in small business or pursuing a creative field we would love to meet and chat over a few pops.

And when I say pops, we literally mean a few pops.

We reached out to, Pic-A-Pop, about suppling some beverages for the in-store Social Club and the result is 120 assorted bottles for your tasting pleasure.

For some of the youngins’ out there Pic-A-Pop probably doesn’t mean much but in 1971, Pic-A-Pop, a small, Winnipeg soda pop manufacturer was born. The popularity of the product quickly grew and bottles of Pic-A-Pop began flying off store shelves. Soon, Pic-A-Pop was offering twenty delicious flavours. Word spread west and so did the company, opening bottling plants in Moose Jaw, Lethbridge, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. The expansion continued into the United States and bottling facilities were added in Minnesota, Texas and Hawaii. Pic-A-Pop celebrated its 25th anniversary in 1996 and soon after disappeared. It was briefly revived in 2005 before disappearing a second time. In 2014 it was purchased by Canadian Gold Beverages, a bottler of water products in Marchand. So we loaded up on the ultimate sampler pack and will have some of these gems on hand.

So come through, hang out, shop, chat over some pops.

The Olé Social club runs Saturday 12P-5P at 255 Vaughan during regular hours.