thatishbray | 21 Months at Flint Saloon

  • September 1, 2015
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This past Thursday, Brayden Elliott hosted his first art show at the Flint Saloon in Saskatoon. It was named 21 Months, to symbolize the time frame from when he picked up a camera to his current state. I’ve had the opportunity to watch his work evolve, shoot and edit half of our Fit to Live lookbook and continue to spend my days double-tapping his Instagram photos.

It was cool to see his photos in a physical format. Along the walls of the cocktail bar, canvas and print photos hung along the walls with a projector playing Instagram flicks. His collection consisted of shots from scenic Canadian and American spots to his hometown of Saskatoon, there was a lot to keep your eyes and mind busy. Check out Flint in the near future, meet your friends, grab a mason jar cocktail and check out the shots.

DSCF8121 DSCF8120 DSCF8123

DSCF8122 DSCF8127 DSCF8125 DSCF8128 DSCF8129 DSCF8131


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