Momentum x Olé Denim Sashiko Capsule Collection

  • June 28, 2022
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Momentum was Olé Denim’s first retailer in 2015, so it only makes sense that the first collaboration pays homage to the seven-year relationship we’ve built together. We had conversations in the winter of 2020 discussing our passion for denim, unique products and the opportunity to make cool things with our friends. Like any project we take on, we consider the quality of the final good and whether we’d spend our hard-earned money on it. Through these conversations, we looped in our friend and customer Sengshiko to bring his talents to the table as well.

Our plan was to develop a capsule collection to feature Japanese denim and sashiko products. Sashiko was seen as early as the eighth century and was given its name after the verb “to pierce”. Its purpose was used on clothing to provide extra durability, repairs and to stitch unique designs to personalize pieces. Like raw denim evolution, sashiko denim can never be reproduced in the exact same way, and there are nuances and differences that ultimately make your pair different than the next.

Working with Sengshiko, the group of us collaborated on a design that represented the prairies, which have become such a strong environment for all our businesses. This is shown by a “nowaki” design or from our perspective, the sheaf blowing in the wind. It also mimics the idea that like each of us are different and that every article of clothing embraces its imperfections and uniqueness.

Each design was handcrafted in Canada. All tees and hoodies are made in Canada. The denim comes from Kaihara Mills.

Available exclusively at Momentum on June 29, 2022.