Indigo Apron Collection

  • September 25, 2018
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To celebrate 3 years of Fit To Live and Olé Denim, we are really excited to share with you our Indigo Apron Collection.

Over the past three years we have been fortunate enough to converse with many of our customers and get into conversation that transcends beyond denim. Through our conversations it was very evident that many of our customers were, first and foremost, creators – tattoo artists, culinary masterminds, coffee shop owners, restaurateurs, painters, graffiti artists, photographers and designers.

That got us to thinking about a product that we could create that could come close to representing the multitude of talent we ran into. From this train of thought we began to develop a small collection of minimalistic aprons that could fit seamlessly into the lives of many of our customers.

The first apron is constructed from our classic 13.2oz Vintage Selvedge ($120) used in our popular 306 denim. The second is produced from a custom vintage 11.75oz Kaihara Denim ($80) that had been sitting dormant in a Winnipeg warehouse before being generously gifted to us by our very good friend, Roy Liang.

The aprons feature an adjustable waist and neck strap allowing it to fit a range of sizes from women’s XS to men’s XXL. Both aprons utilize the same antique brass hardware, 1″ environmentally-friendly natural cotton webbing and Ken Diamond handcrafted leather label. Both aprons are proudly made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.