306 13oz Vintage Selvedge – 3 Months Wear / 1 Wash

  • May 23, 2017
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This is my personal pair of 13oz 306’s that I started wearing in August 2015. Between wearing my sample 13oz pair, a 15oz pair and breaking my ankle and not wearing jeans for a large chunk of time, I’ve estimated that I’ve worn these for just over three months. I had a great break in period with them though as I’ve found them to be comfortable from my first wear and like most pair of raw denim, they only get better from there. There’s been a bunch of memories I’ve had with these in the short amount of time of wearing them, such as receiving them as a birthday gift, getting poured on at Lynn Canyon in Vancouver, trekking the Great Wall of China and eating some of the best Asian dishes in my life. I’ve given them one hand wash with Laundress detergent from all of the humid weather and exploring that we did. The fades are still subtle but they’re nicely broken in and ready to rock this summer!

Yours Truly