255 Vaughan | First Visit

  • December 8, 2015
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As we move into our last month of being settled in 255 Vaughan, Dallas and myself got to visit the shop for our first time. If you didn’t already know, Chris (1/3 of Olé) is also is in charge of Oak + Oar and manages the 255 Vaughan pop-up shop which will run until the end of 2015. Olé shares the store front with clothing company Oak + Oar and gallery From Here & Away. This past Sunday we ran a social club giving Winnipeg creatives the opportunity to gather into a space, share ideas and learn from one another over a Pic-a-Pop. So on that note, I want to give a quick shoutout to Handcraft Creative for their awesome visuals and Orange Bench who is onto something with their local idea. Thanks for coming through!



DSCF8368 DSCF8366


DSCF8372 DSCF8364 DSCF8377 DSCF8383



If you’re in the city this month, come say hi, donate your new or lightly worn outerwear for a chance to a wear a 255 Vaughan package including our 13 oz 306 jeans.

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