Faded with Olé | Carter Berge

  • April 9, 2020
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Name: Carter J Berge

City: Saskatoon

Occupation: Landscaper/Snow remover for Keystone Paving. Need your backyard redone?

Model and fabric: Olé Denim 13 oz PAIR NUMBER 003/250 BOYZZZ.

Wears: Ummmmm like 400+

Washes/Soaks: Washed them 3 times. always just soak in my rubba dub tub.

Washing rituals and methods: I only wash them if I spill something real nasty on them, aka once I fell into a puddle of mud and was like “well guess it’s time”. I always soak them in my old school jacuzzi tub with some soap, then a nice rinse to get all the soap out the jeans, and then hang dry

Fond memory in this pair: Not one memory really sticks out, but I know for a fact that I’ll be wearing these when my baby girl is born in July. I wear these daily so almost every memory involves these jeans.

Favourite sports team: SPURS NATION BABY – Too bad NBA is cancelled right now. Maybe for the best, worst Spurs season in my existence to date.

Favourite album: Right now really vibing on Oxnard by Anderson .Paak but my all time favourite is Graduation by Kanye West. TIMELESS

One website you visit daily: Ebay, I peruse every single sneaker on there daily to see if theres ever anything new to snag

Social media handle: @bergester check me out

What’s next for you: Well who really knows whats next for the world, but we’re having a baby girl In July so that will be the bomb diggity. Learning how to be a parent will be interesting and probably take up all of my time in the world but I am very very excited.

306 15oz Denim | 4.5 Years Old

  • February 27, 2020
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This pair of jeans have been worn since the original release of our products in 2015. They’ve experienced multiple hand washes, some repairs and have a lot of stories to tell. After a bit of wear, this thicker fabric becomes quite smooth and comfortable. In terms of aesthetics, the dark indigo gets a pop of blue in the areas where creasing tends to happen (whiskers on the thighs, honeycombs behind the knees and stacks near the bottom). The slubby characteristic of the fabric keeps things interesting and unique as well. But we won’t keep teasing you with descriptions, take a look for yourself.

FIT TO LIVE | Factor Chandelier

  • April 20, 2017
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Who is Factor Chandelier?

A producer / beat maker, sometimes DJ.

Why did you choose the name “Factor Chandelier”?

My name is my name. There isn’t a big meaning behind the name, it’s one I chose in my youth that’s been through many tours, albums and stories. Recently I had to add the Chandelier so it would be easier to find me on the Google machine etc.

If you aren’t familiar with our slogan “Fit to Live”, it comes from Martin Luther King Jr.’s quote “A man who won’t die for something is not fit to live.” How would you say this relates to your life as you’ve taken this journey into music as a career?

I have been doing music since high school and I am now in my 30’s. I’ve done hundreds of shows, across Canada, US, Europe, UK and Japan. I have committed a huge portion of my life to this art stuff and don’t plan on quitting any time soon.

That being said, how did the interest in music begin? Was there a certain instrument that you picked up or an artist you heard that inspired you to make your mark in the industry?

This whole thing started was when my homie got garage sale turntables and a radio shack mixer. He invited me over to his place to “scratch” after basketball practice and honestly ever since that first day cutting and mixing, I haven’t slowed down one bit. It is wild, I didn’t really choose it, it was just something I wanted to do all the time. The west coast underground scene in the late 90s and early 2000s made me fall in love with hip hop, all the different styles and personalities, it was like nothing I had ever heard before. It was an entirely new world for a kid from Saskatoon, SK.

That reminds me that last year Allen Iverson was inducted into the Hall of Fame and was thanking musicians like Jadakiss, Dipset and Michael Jackson, can you remember who you were listening to on the way to your ball games?

I remember every single game no matter what for the warm up somewhere on the playlist had to be the Space Jam song “Hit ‘Em High”. For me personally it had to be The Chronic, Wu-Tang or Pharcyde.

You’ve become known for producing original tracks. Tell us what goes into making a beat and what keeps you from sampling pieces?

I started out as a DJ so everything I did was sampling, mixtapes, blends or whatever. To this day that it still some of my favourite stuff. In around 2009 I got a opportunity to get a song in a movie but it got flagged for sample clearance and that made me rethink my whole approach to making beats and songs. Don’t get me wrong, I love sampling and still do it but the majority of the newer stuff I do is not that anymore. I work with a lot of session players, field recordings and chop up my own butchered playing these days. It all came from learning to sample and looking for little gems and sounds on vinyl.

What goes into putting together a good beat from start to finish? When you’re making something, do you create it with vocals in mind? I’d love to hear how your mind works during the creative process.

I like to try and start every song a bit different as often as I can. If it is the drums first or the melody, I like to change it up and try to look at beats from multiple angles. For me the creative process is for sure easier to get into if I have someone or something in mind that I am making the music for. I will always have the vibe, style and/or vocalist in mind when creating, I try and make something that I think will compliment the rapper or singer when I am working on the track. I like to try and push the boundaries of what their music sounds like, but also stay true to both our respective sounds. If the song is 100% going to happen and I am excited about it, then something usually pops in my head right away. If not I usually have to noodle around and see what happens, then once I get a cool vibe, I just continue building and building on it until I feel it is complete. I have noticed working with a lot of different artist and sounds, timing is very important for getting the best possible product. Everyone is so busy so when it is about to go down you have to be ready, keep that creative muscle flexed.

The first album you remember purchasing?

I can’t remember the first album I bought but I do remember getting Snoop Doggy Dog – Doggystyle the day it came out. Instantly my mom made me return it only for me to re-buy it again the next day.

What are you currently listening to?

I check out every new rap album, but some stuff I’m really into currently include Young Fathers, Milo, Open Mike Eagle, Radical Face, Thundercat, Beach House, Aesop Rock, Serengeti, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Blood Orange, Kid Cudi, Why? … stuff like that.

One musician you want to have a drink with?

Devin The Dude.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I entirely produced a new full length album for Kay The Aquanaut dropping June 9th on Fake Four Inc. and our Saskatoon album release is June 2nd and 3rd at the Capitol Music Club — look out for that! I will also be releasing a bunch of singles throughout the year with a bunch of talented artists! Everything will be up on my social media @factorchandelier and factorchandelier.com.

Any pre-show traditions?

Honestly, no. With me being on the road so much and every show situation being different, it would be hard for me to have something like that. Well, maybe a couple drinks? ha ha.

Any last words?

Shout out to Fit To Live and the good folks at Olé.  For anyone who want to stay up on my music everything is at factorchandelier.com and check out Factor Chandelier on social media.  I have a bunch of fresh new singles about to drop this year along with that new full length record I mentioned with Kay The Aquanaut produced and mixed entirely by me on Fake Four Inc. June. 9th.  Don’t be afraid to reach out, much love and thanks for all the support.
Thanks to Factor Chandelier for hanging out with us and shedding some light on what music looks like through his eyes. It was also recently announced that he will have his own Saskatchewan Jazz Festival show along with a second showing where he will perform with Kay the Aquanaut, Parab Poet, Talib Kweli and Arrested Development on Canada Day. We hope to see all of you prairie folks out there!

Fit to Live | Lifted Thought

  • February 2, 2016
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Tell us about yourself, the life you live and what sort of direction you’re headed in.

I’m Ty Graham, originally from Saskatoon but have been living in Calgary for the last four years. I’ve been taking photos since I moved west. I surround myself with good people and enjoy every day as best I can. I’ve got a love for bourbon, sneakers, fashion, hip hop, and photography – what else is there?


What encouraged you to pick up a camera and what do you enjoy taking photos of these days?

I grew up around photography, both my mom and sister are talented photographers. When I moved out west I was inspired by the landscape and I wanted a way to capture it, photography was that. Since then it’s turned into so much more, now I enjoy the exploration element of photography more than anything. I want to see and capture the world.

When we sat down back in November and discussed the idea of being “Fit to Live”, we talked about the importance that these words weighed in on our own lives. What does Fit to Live mean to you and how did you portray it through this lookbook?

For me, fit to live is about lifestyle. About fitting to your lifestyle. Which is exactly what I wanted this lookbook to be, I wanted it to emulate my style. I wore what I would usually wear, spent the day exploring the mountains in my jeep like I usually would. Just taking photos.

These locations specifically, how did you find them and what drew you to the environments?

Our main goal was to capture the Canadian Rockies. Lake Peyto is so vast and great to shoot in a blizzard, and I loved the contrast of the boathouse on Minnewanka. We’ve driven the Smith Dorrien Trail dozens of times and it just seemed so fitting. We definitely wanted a winter look, so we watched the weather and shot over the course of a few days to make sure everything was consistent.


You’ve been wearing your 13 oz 306’s for a few months so far, do you have any memorable stories in them?

I was in Vancouver back in November for a concert, my girl and I rented a car and took a road trip to Whistler. We made a stop in Squamish and ended up taking a private flight around the mountains in a Sea Plane. The plane itself looked like it was on it’s final flight, and our pilot looked like he was 20. When we asked him how long he had been flying he responded with “Today will be four weeks”. We went silent. He had a good laugh then told us he’d actually been flying for a few years and we were all good. It ended up being one of the coolest experiences of my life.

In my opinion, a pair of jeans is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. When are you wearing yours and what do you like to pair denim with?

I prefer jeans in the winter or in the fall, and I’m definitely going to be pairing them with some high top sneakers or Timbs.

1600ppi_OleDenim_13oz_LT_4-2 1600ppi_OleDenim_13oz_LT_5 (1)-2 1600ppi_OleDenim_13oz_LT_6-2 1600ppi_OleDenim_13oz_LT_7-2


Yours Truly

Fit to Live | Kelcey Nicole Vossen

  • January 14, 2016
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Just last week our Instagram account was tagged in this photo below. This was cool to see, because I had never seen our jeans in this sort of artistic setting. The Olé 306’s were paired with Ray-Ban shades, a Burberry jacket and wings + horns sneakers. This was a freehand drawing of her brother Paul and his pal Russ. I touched based with Kelcey to see if she could share her photo, thoughts and story with us. Keep scrolling to check out our little interview with her.


Tell us more about yourself and what inspires your fashion illustrations?

I was born and raised in Winnipeg but have always aspired to branch out and move to a big city – I especially love the energy of the US. Prior to graduating high school, I had looked into the Communications program at Ryerson University in Toronto but the timing was just not right; in addition, the fashion industry in Canada in 2007 was only just beginning to develop and it would prove difficult to find a “place” within it.

In late 2013 I was presented with the opportunity of studying marketing at Parsons The New School in New York. I moved to Manhattan the following summer, completed the program and subsequently acquired a position within Hearst Corporation. I have no formal training in art but decided to start sketching caricatures in my free time; ultimately, as a relaxing hobby.  I began casually posting little caricature sketches to Instagram in mid-2015 and to my surprise, watched it grow exponentially especially after receiving interest from ELLE Canada, Vogue.com, NYC fashion influencers, and celebrities such as Drew Barrymore (for Flower Beauty) and Rihanna.

I absolutely love fashion editorials, well curated art collections, fashion marketing campaigns, and fashion editorials – these spheres tend to provide ample material for illustration inspiration. I also receive messages from followers suggesting I sketch certain media influencers or fashion bloggers; I always reserve time to fulfill these requests.

I know you are from the Canadian prairies, what drew you to move to New York City? 

I will always be Canadian at heart, but moving to New York was one of the best and most exciting decisions I have ever made. The city is truly the epicenter of the creative arts and has provided me with so many opportunities for networking and positioning myself. I live along the West Side Highway in the art district neighbourhood of Chelsea; there are art galleries, boutiques, the HighLine elevated park, and Meatpacking District just steps away. Even after almost two years, it doesn’t seem real – I would recommend a similar move to anyone trying to break into the industry, even if only for a temporary stint.

Based on your Instagram photos, I can see that you’re into a wide range of women’s and men’s fashion from Mr. Porter looks to The Weeknd in Yeezy Boosts. In terms of styling, how do you like seeing our Olé 306’s styled?

I love the versatility of Olé 306; denim is innately a casual textile but the careful attention to construction and detailing, coupled with careful brand positioning, ultimately elevates Olé 306 products. I certainly see them outfitted alongside luxury brands such as Burberry and Maison Margiela. I recently purchased my brother Lanvin leather and suede sneakers and can see him pairing them together. For a more casual and local vibe, I would personally suggest styling Olé with brands such as Club Monaco, Oak + Oar, or even Saturday’s Surf NYC (an Australian brand recently brought to New York and which specializes in quality lifestyle clothing – you can find them at saturdaysnyc.com).

Our slogan is “Fit to Live” (a (wo)man who won’t die for something is not fit to live – MLK Jr.), what does this mean to you and the life you live?

That is quite a powerful statement. I personally interpret the message as having a conviction and developing the courage to support it. I absolutely feel this applies to my own life, perhaps not in my early twenties but undoubtedly now. Many people are afraid to follow their dreams and live their goals for fear of risk or failure; a few years ago, I did things that frightened me – changing career perspective, eliminating toxic relationships, moving to a new country – because I needed to get closer to me. I feel perhaps this is the fundamental philosophy behind the brand: living the life you truly want and living it with conviction – and Olé is there to support along the way.


Do you have any last words for the readers?

I often receive emails from would-be artists, asking me how best to get into illustration. My advice: just do it! You have nothing to lose – except perhaps for leaving yourself open to critics on a very public stage – but in the end, it can be a truly exciting journey. It will also help you develop an artistic style and voice, if only you commit to start. I debated for ages beginning this illustration endeavor, mostly because I was nervous friends would find it odd. But those who truly care will support you in it, regardless of the type of personal or professional venture, and those are the opinions which matter most. And who knows, it may even develop to become lucrative along the way!

x, Kelcey Vossen



You can follow Kelcey on Instagram at @knicolevossen or at her website.

Yours Truly