Faded with Olé | Ryan Mack

  • June 9, 2017
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Name: Ryan Mack

Occupation: Co-founder of Olé Denim and account executive of Fancy Creative Saskatoon.

Pair: 306 15oz Kuroki

Wears: Owned for two years and worn for approximately 16 months.

Washes/Soaks: Three hand washes because they’ve smelled like sweat and alcohol. Shoutout to the waitress who accidentally spilled a pint of Sapporo on me.

Washing rituals and methods: I just hand wash and rinse, I’ve used Laundress detergent upon recommendation in the past but I’m not too picky.

Fond memory in this pair: I think the first wear was one of the most special moments, it validated to me that Olé was official and ready to hit the market but there’s been plenty of other memories as well from my girlfriend’s graduation to traveling around Western Canada over the past two years.

Favourite sports team: Chelsea FC

One website you visit daily: The Weather Network and Reddit’s rawdenim.

Social media handle: @mack_siuming on both Instagram and Twitter.

What’s next for you: Time to enjoy the summer!

Faded with Olé | Dustin Veitch

  • April 7, 2017
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Name: Dustin Veitch

Occupation: Multimedia Producer and Photographer

Model and fabric: 306 13oz

Wears: 1 year, nearly every day

Washes/Soaks: 2 soaks, 3 repairs

Washing rituals and methods: I dip my Olé’s in a shallow bath of cool water and Woolite Dark. Sometimes I weigh the jeans down, and sometimes I don’t, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling. I let ‘em soak for 45 minutes, drain the tub, fill it again to let them soak for another 20 and gently hang-dry. Next time, I’ll probably just throw them in the regular wash.

Fond memory in this pair: I’ve been wearing my Olé’s just about every day for the last year. They’ve become a regular part of my life, as much as my wallet, boots and watch. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, so it’s hard to pinpoint a specific memory.

Favourite artist/photographer: I can only recite titles of a few of his lauded masterpieces, such as The Tetons and Snake River’ or ‘Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico’, but it’s not just Ansel Adams’ images that resonate with me. Not only did he influence the world around him with his artwork, his inspiration also led him to, literally, write the book on it. Many of his techniques are relevant and still taught in today’s largely digital world.

One website you visit daily: the hustle

Social media handle: @faultyflipflap

What’s next for you: It’s never easy to tell what’s beyond the next few rolls of film. I’ve recently started getting my feet wet with large format photography, specifically working on portraiture. It’s been a slow process getting familiar with the equipment and learning how to process the media, but I am at the point where I am starting to see consistent results and I’m proud of that.

Reach out to us at info@oledenim.com to have your pair featured.

Faded with Olé | Joey Visser

  • February 12, 2016
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Name: Joseph Visser

Occupation: Photographer (www.josephvisser.ca), Musician

Model and fabric: 13oz raw indigo sanforized selvedge 306

Wears: 6 months, washed once. Unfortunately most of that time was spent behind a desk.

Washes/Soaks: 0 washes/0 soaks

Washing rituals and methods: Nothing fancy, I wash cold in the machine and then hang to dry.

Fond memory in this pair: My first three weeks with this pair was spent travelling through Canada and the states on a west coast road trip with my girlfriend last summer. If you’re ever wondering how to break in a pair of new denim, I found a road trip did the trick. Exploring ruby beach in Washington state was a highlight for sure.

Favourite Canadian team: Gotta be the Winnipeg Jets.

One website you visit daily: Vice.

Social media handle: Instagram @josephvisser and @fromhereandaway.

What’s next for you: Lots of travel planned. Belize first, then an eastern Canadian tour after that, then back to Toronto, then off to Holland.

joeyfades2 joeyfades

Faded with Olé | Chris Watchorn

  • January 15, 2016
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Name: Chris Watchorn

Occupation: Partner Olé Denim (www.oledenim.com) / Owner Oak + Oar (www.oakandoar.com)

Model and fabric: 15.3oz raw indigo sanforized selvedge 306

Wears: Owned for 11 months, probably the equivalent of 9 months wear. Unfortunately most of that time was spent behind a desk.

Washes/Soaks: 0 washes/0 soaks

Washing rituals and methods: A few spot cleans out of necessity.

Fond memory in this pair: Wore these jean on the last day of full time employment and the first day of self employment to pursue the two brands on a full time basis.

Favourite Canadian team: You have to rep the home squad – Winnipeg Jets.

One website you visit daily: Usually Heddels (formerly Rawr) and I like to take in Third Looks once a week. Other than that I like to attempt to stay focused on the ‘To Do’ list. I am easily side tracked.

Social media handle: Instagram @oakandoar / Twitter @chris_watchorn.

What’s next for you: Currently preparing Oak + Oar Spring/Summer.




Photos by Dean Hilario

Faded with Olé | Feature

  • January 10, 2016
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Though the brand has only been on the market for 6 months now, we have been receiving steady fade progression updates from our customers and we must admit this is pretty fun for us to see. I think this is partially because we were so spent on making these jeans just right the first run, that we spent over 2 years building the first silhouette to our exact specifications. As a result we spent those 24 plus months looking at nothing but rich dark indigo blue denim. Now, 30 some months later, we are starting to see the unique progression and evolution of the 306 as they tell your #FitToLive stories.

Seems unfair for us to keep all these fade stories to ourselves so starting next week we will be posting some of our favourites as part of our ‘Faded with Olé’ feature. We will kick the feature of with an in-house fade profile with Chris Watchorn, partner in Olé Denim.

If you would like to be considered for the feature please send us a few photos through instagram @oledenim or to info@oledenim.com of you and your 306’s.

Photo ‘Side by Side 15oz 306: New vs. 9 months’ Simeon Rusnak