FIT TO LIVE | Omar Miller


We caught up with actor, philanthropist, sports enthusiast and podcast host Omar Miller to chat HBO Ballers, the Super Bowl and the importance of leaving a legacy.

Can you describe your path to what you’re doing now?

I was in college playing baseball and stumbled into theatre chasing a girl. I didn’t get the girl, but I found a new career that I love!

Sports have always been a big part of your life. I have read that you are a talented baseball and basketball player and dabble in just about every other sport. If you could dine with any athlete past or present who would it be and why?

Jackie Robinson or Joe Louis. These are two guys that performed at the highest level under the highest amount of stress. I’m talking David & Goliath type stress. Imagine how much you could learn about life in just having a conversation with those guys.


The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl this year. What were your thoughts on the big game? We know you are a Vernon Davis fan so must have been nice to see Vernon get his first ring.

Awesome now acknowledging Vernon as a Super Bowl Champ!! I love seeing my friends succeed. Demarcus Ware too for that matter.

It is no secret that HBO’s Ballers has been a gigantic success for HBO with Season 2 airing as we speak and the announcement of season 3 in the pipeline. How did you find your way into auditioning and playing the role of Charles Greane?

I played hoops with the show’s creator and he wrote this part for me. He contacted my reps and we went for it. Now that I have the role I’ve done everything I can to personalize it and hope people can relate.

For the Ballers fans out there, can you give us your best between takes story?

Wearing the thong & sitting with my legs spread in between takes of my big sex scene had to be the most comical and uncomfortable moments of everyone who witnessed it collective lives.


You have worked with an array of talent over your career from Spike Lee to Eminem. Is there someone in particular you would love to work with? And is there someone you’ve worked with in the past that really impressed you?

Some great directors I’d like to work with like Spielberg, Christopher Nolan, Steve McQueen. I’ve worked with so many talented actors it’s hard to single any one out. But working with Benecio Del Toro was a delight.

Is there anything you’re interested in doing or exploring in the next 5 to 10 years?

Big question. I’m just hoping to explore life and my relation to it.

What are 5 people, groups or things that inspire you?

World Vision, Time, Navy Seals, Syrian Refugees, Nature.

How would you describe your personal style?

Situation appropriate.

We had connected when you were in Winnipeg while you were participating in the Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s Celebrity Race. On top of acting you have made it a mission to give back and help underprivileged. What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

A thoughtful one where I left the world better than I found it.

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