Faded with Olé | Dustin Veitch

  • April 7, 2017
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Name: Dustin Veitch

Occupation: Multimedia Producer and Photographer

Model and fabric: 306 13oz

Wears: 1 year, nearly every day

Washes/Soaks: 2 soaks, 3 repairs

Washing rituals and methods: I dip my Olé’s in a shallow bath of cool water and Woolite Dark. Sometimes I weigh the jeans down, and sometimes I don’t, depending on how ambitious I’m feeling. I let ‘em soak for 45 minutes, drain the tub, fill it again to let them soak for another 20 and gently hang-dry. Next time, I’ll probably just throw them in the regular wash.

Fond memory in this pair: I’ve been wearing my Olé’s just about every day for the last year. They’ve become a regular part of my life, as much as my wallet, boots and watch. They’ve been with me through thick and thin, so it’s hard to pinpoint a specific memory.

Favourite artist/photographer: I can only recite titles of a few of his lauded masterpieces, such as The Tetons and Snake River’ or ‘Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico’, but it’s not just Ansel Adams’ images that resonate with me. Not only did he influence the world around him with his artwork, his inspiration also led him to, literally, write the book on it. Many of his techniques are relevant and still taught in today’s largely digital world.

One website you visit daily: the hustle

Social media handle: @faultyflipflap

What’s next for you: It’s never easy to tell what’s beyond the next few rolls of film. I’ve recently started getting my feet wet with large format photography, specifically working on portraiture. It’s been a slow process getting familiar with the equipment and learning how to process the media, but I am at the point where I am starting to see consistent results and I’m proud of that.

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Faded with Olé | Evan Neufeld

  • January 24, 2017
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Name: Evan Neufeld

Occupation: Investment fund and life insurance advisor at Enns & Baxter Wealth Management in Saska-toon
Model and fabric: 306 13 oz

Wears: 1.5 calendar years but I don’t get to wear jeans as much as I would like so actual wear is less than a year.

Washes/Soaks: one soak, one hand wash

Washing rituals and methods: I gave up on using the washing machine after one mishap so I only do hand washes now. Sounds like a lot of work but if you’re only doing it once or twice a year it’s not so bad. A bit of laundry soap in the tub with some warm water, hand scrub some of the notoriously dirty zones, rinse with cool water and hang dry. I like to give them a little bit of a stretch out afterwards just so they don’t dry with any weird creases. I’ve got a MacGyver set up using about 4 hangers so they drip dry while hanging in the shower.

Fond memory in this pair: Having my engagement photos taken in Squamish BC while wearing them.

Favourite sports team: San Antonio Spurs

One website you visit daily: uncrate.com Most of the stuff on there is out of my league but its always fun to look.

Social media handle: Twitter/IG @evanneufeld

What’s next for you: Everyday stuff: Continue to build my business and settle into the first year of married life. Fun stuff: Hoping to make a quick trip to France this summer with a few other weekends dedicated to camping and maybe a hiking trip or two.