The Most Asked Questions Surrounding Raw Denim | Part 2

  • March 23, 2016
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This is our second instalment of frequently asked questions surrounding raw denim where we answer questions at come directly to us from our time at 255 Vaughan to our Instagram account. Take a read below and hit us up with any questions that you may have regarding raw denim or Olé itself.


It says your denim is ‘sanforized’. What does this mean?

Simply it means pre-shrunk and resistant to shrinking.

Have you ever had a pair of jeans that have shrunk a considerable amount after the first few washes? The process of sanforization reduces the amount your denim will stretch from an estimated 10% to about 1%. All of our fabric goes through a sanforization process where the cotton is dampened and is placed in a machine that stretches the fabric through rubber belts and cylinders. This ensures that the denim will maintain its size through production. Where as unsanforized denim require an initial soak to shrink them.

Sanforization can also prevent leg twist. Unsanforized fabric, whether its left-handed twill or right-handed twill, will be coated on. But when the denim touches water, the coat will go away making the denim shrink to some point. Twist occurs when denim shrinks during washes/soaks. And this is how it goes. Left-hand twill twists to the front. Right-hand twill denim twists to the back.

The majority of denim, raw and otherwise, that is produced today is sanforized because of the simplicity it provides.

How much will sanforized jeans shrink in the wash?

It is our findings that the 306 will shrink between 1/2″ and 1″ upon first wash. Keep in mind that your jeans would have stretched out your 306’s 1″-1 1/2″ if worn for an extended period of time prior to first wash (12+) and will stretch back out with wear.



How to I get the best fades?

It’s simple, wear them as often as possible. These jeans are a manifestation of your day to to day life. Physical activities such as biking, skating or hiking in your jeans can speed up the fading process. Wearing your jeans without frequent washing can give your jeans a higher contrasted fading which appeals to many. We love seeing a faded pair of Olé Denim knowing the care that you have put into your jeans and the unique look that manufacturers cannot replicate.

How should I care for my new investment?

Finding your perfect pair of denim must be followed with the right care. This being said, there is no “right” way but we recommend certain denim practices. For starters, our denim is sanforized and do not require a pre-soak.

Washing is a concern for raw denim wearers but we do recommend washing your jeans if they become dirty. This is important because the bacteria and miscellaneous items like rocks can break down the fibers of the denim which may lead to tears or blow outs. If you desire contrasted fades you may wash the denim less often. Even the people of Olé treat their pairs differently but we can agree on wearing the jeans often in a six month time span for desirable contrasted fades followed by more consistent washes every couple of months after.

When washing the jeans we skip past the ocean washes and recommend something simple. Fill a tub or container with cold water and use detergent (Ex. Woolite Dark) to hand wash your Olé Denim to remove stains and odor. Let them soak in that tub for a half hour to 45 minutes before draining the tub. When you are finished washing them, refill the tub/container with cold water. Flip your jeans inside out and let them soak for another 15 to 20 minutes. After the soaking process, let the jeans hang dry.