Los Angeles Factory Visit

  • December 28, 2014
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Dallas and I went to Los Angeles last April to visit the factory before starting our samples. Finding the right place was a long process for us, we wanted to ensure that our jeans met the requirements that we dreamed of. We wanted to see the factory’s production process of putting each pair of jeans together as well as meet the people who are responsible for the quality of our products. After months of e-mails back and forth with our connect Anita, we finally got to meet, tour the factory and see what they were working on at the moment. After introductions, we were introduced to her partner, got to check out their machinery, looked at upcoming Spring 2015 lines and a “portfolio” of her previous work.

IMG_1249 IMG_1250 IMG_1256 IMG_1248

That evening we messaged Chris to let him know that we were happy with the factory’s environment. The employees are all hard working, knowledgeable, treated fairly, friendly and easy to work with. The factory itself works with mature denim companies, is clean and welcoming. We look forward to visiting again.