Faded with Olé | Chris Watchorn

  • January 15, 2016
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Name: Chris Watchorn

Occupation: Partner Olé Denim (www.oledenim.com) / Owner Oak + Oar (www.oakandoar.com)

Model and fabric: 15.3oz raw indigo sanforized selvedge 306

Wears: Owned for 11 months, probably the equivalent of 9 months wear. Unfortunately most of that time was spent behind a desk.

Washes/Soaks: 0 washes/0 soaks

Washing rituals and methods: A few spot cleans out of necessity.

Fond memory in this pair: Wore these jean on the last day of full time employment and the first day of self employment to pursue the two brands on a full time basis.

Favourite Canadian team: You have to rep the home squad – Winnipeg Jets.

One website you visit daily: Usually Heddels (formerly Rawr) and I like to take in Third Looks once a week. Other than that I like to attempt to stay focused on the ‘To Do’ list. I am easily side tracked.

Social media handle: Instagram @oakandoar / Twitter @chris_watchorn.

What’s next for you: Currently preparing Oak + Oar Spring/Summer.




Photos by Dean Hilario